December 6, 2018


“The free Artwalk Tour usually gives a one hour sample of the diverse art scene in San Pedro,– a different itinerary each month, visiting artists in their studios and galleries. The tour leaves at 6:30 from the Chamber of Commerce Board Room Gallery continuing the show curated by Angels Gate Cultural Center – an installation of studio artist Leah Stone Dixon’s digital paintings.

Tonight’s tour begins at MS Gallery presenting “Loving Tuscany” by Frank’O,’s Solo Show.
Exuberant canvases, violent and subtle brushstrokes, thick palpable texture, and color, lots of it. Color everywhere as if his life depended on it. A tour the force of unquestionable Van Gogh origins. The hills, the sunflowers, the prairies are all a spectacle of the passionate soul that painted them. To stare into Franko’s world is to jump into a Nietzschean abyss and come back jubilant, exultant and reborn. Huxley spoke of the Doors of Perception but Frank’O painted them in front of our very eyes. In his paintings we perceive Tuscany, yes, but that is only in the surface because once we got hypnotized by his world we find a soul that refuses to be silent, a bravado of color and texture without regards for excess and what it may bring. To enter Franko’s world is to fall into an ocean with no end, a black hole filled with rainbows and bright lights as if his hands were no other than creation itself.

TransVagrant and Gallery 478 are pleased to present When the Whaledogs Come Back, recent paintings by Peggy Reavey. Peggy Reavey is a figurative painter and storyteller. Her work has been variously described as eccentric, surreal, tender, caustic, and largely autobiographical. Nightmarish imagery reveals that fearsome place, that psychic arena, wherein the American Dream falls apart. Reavey says of her work: “Certain themes are always there: the cruelty of power, the bullying of the weak. The beauty and cruelty and absurdity of history and myth and religion.” Titles and text imbedded in the paintings alternatively reinforce or contradict the images. Formally, Reavey’s paintings are raw, seemingly uncooked by cultural and artistic influences – a spontaneous psychic flow from brain to surface resulting in often daring compositional inventiveness.

Dekor Gallery presents “Duality/Antagony”
Michael Robert Petroni (Italian/Irish) is an innovative experimental abstract painter living in San Pedro, California. Mike’s roots in drawing and painting began while growing up in a small beach town in Southern California, becoming more skilled in his draftsmanship at El Camino College under the tutelage of Andrew Fagan and Robert Kobashi/ The explosive energy of each painting reflect this introspective artist’s awakening or deadening of consciousness, the possibility of the unknown, and the ability to push and pull from non-representational, non-objective, and traditional representation, into abstract images of sensuous color. – Pat Carroll”

Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles:
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