January 6, 2022

Please plan to join us for the first 1st Thursday ArtWalk on January 6th, 2022, from 6-9pm. Come out and see some art to begin 2022?

Organizers are curating food truck placement on the ArtWalk perimeters, but there will not be a Guided Tour until February 3rd at 5:30pm gathering in Sirens, 402 West 7th Street.

Galleries are welcoming guests, and masks will be required for all indoor locations.

Download your own copy of the FirstThursday ArtWalk Map here.

To participate in First Thursday, organizations who plan to use the sidewalks must be invited by a property owner or business owner. Sidewalks must not be blocked by vendors. Inquiries regarding performing at First Thursday stage should be directed to Francis Ruiz or Melody Perez. General questions or suggestions regarding First Thursday can be emailed to 1stthursdaysanpedro@gmail.com or info@sanpedrowaterfrontartsdistrict.com.

Linda Grimes