May 4th 2023

San Pedro’s FirstThursday ArtWalk and Guided Tour
will gather at 5:30pm, walk at 6pm, in the new Artistry Gallery, 478 West 6th Street and end the tour in Collage for Art and Culture, 731 S. Pacific Ave with music by the Dodson Middle School Jazz Band. Along the way, we will visit fINdings Art Center, 470 West 6th Street, board the PBID Trolley to the National Watercolor Society 915 S. Pacific and walk back to Gallery Azul, 520 West 8th Street.

The band performing on the corner of 6th and Mesa will be the San Pedro High School Band. The Food Truck Alley will return to Mesa Street between 7th and 5th streets and will feature the following Food Trucks: Bison Burger, Insta: @bisonburgertruck, Bollywood Kitchen, Insta: @thebollywoodkitchen, BBQ Smokehouse, Insta: @bbqsmokehouse1, Deli Doc, Insta: @thedelidoctor, Comfort Wingz, Insta: @comfortwingz, Dezzertaholic, Insta: @dezzertaholic, I Love Yesi, Insta: @ iloveyesi_llc and Inglorious Funnels, Insta: @inglorious_funnels.